About Us


Cityscape Trends Services Limited is a social enterprise for profit. We provide commercial cleaning and maintenance services for offices and buildings by identifying ways to leverage on our core business to address social and environmental issues. It is your one stop shop for anything and everything about cleanliness. We are a team of skilled professionals dedicated to creating and managing indoor and outdoor spaces for our clients.

All our business operations, cleaning services in Kenya, are inspired by united nations guiding principles for example, human rights, Labour laws, Anti-corruption, Environment and of course sustainable development goals for example sdg 1No poverty, sdg 13 climate action and sdg 17 partnership for goals.

Our Vision

To make the environment sparkle and transform the community while embracing the values of respect, justice and dignity.

Our Mission

To innovatively deliver outstanding clean environment and cities in the world, through providing decent work and economic growth for the bottom of the pyramid dwelling in informal settlement in urban and peri-urban areas

Our Values

Servants Leadership, Take Ownership, Empathy,Be Mindful

Why We Are Unique

Highly - Trained Staff

Trained and loyal employees, continuous development of their experience and skills as real professionals in their respective areas of services.

Fast & Effective Services

The assurance of a service with minimum negative impact on the natural and working environment

Quality Cleaning Tools

Fair price for a better service. The assurance of a provider providing safe and fair working conditions to its employees

What do you get when you hire Cityscape Trends Services?

  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • A Certified quality management system (CIMS)
  • Customized services, flexible and variety
  • Sustainable and consistent service
  • New innovation on trends and shifts in the market
  • Reduced costs from lower staff turnover
  • Reduced reputational risks
  • Increases productivity and reduces absenteeism at the work place
  • Improve the quality of the working environment.
  • Assured security

Our Pillars

Our foundation is laid upon four Ps that is Purpose ,People, Planet and prosperity. From this foundation we get the three main pillars that are the back bone of Cityscape Trends Services.

Cityscape Trends has three main pillars that guide our principles in line with our vision for the company. These pillars are:

  • Social Pillar
  • Environmental pillar
  • Economic Pillar